Tuesday, July 20, 2010


More things are crossed off my list.
The house looks different.  That mish mash of day to day that is usually present in a home, has been tidied.  To the studied eye.  To others, it will just look like my usual jumble of collections, but I know that there has been some serious inventory control going on.  Makes one wonder just how bad it must have been....

My Companion, The Sewing Machine, (shouldn't it have a name?  some of the bloggers name theirs; any ideas?) has been very happy having my attention for some days now.  And we are both happy at the outcome....

Working on the sessions ..

1. God's Creativity in Our Lives
 2. Sewing with Dana
3. How to Apply it All in Our Busy, Busy Lives
4. Prioritizing, Implementing; First Things First/And What is Our First Things?

.. has found me reflective on my Young Mama Days, grabbing those memories to glean lessons learned, to share with the New Young Mamas.  And it is the joy of my life, mentoring to those eager to learn from those that have gone that way before....Never having perfected the Art of Mothering, but certainly making enough mistakes to teach others the way NOT to go...The Goal?  No regrets.  Being at peace with the mother God designed you to be and utilizing the tools He gives you to accomplish it daily.....Incorporating Crafting into mothering just goes hand in hand to me as patience, skill, understanding is so much a part of both; one hones the other....And children get the benefit from a Creatively Outleted Mama......

Tick, tick, tick......

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