Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on the Maternity Top....

You know that feeling that comes over you after a big party? Kind of a reflective thing, you replay the events and the staging and wonder how your guests saw things, wondering if it could have been more organized or tidy. And just how can I make things even better for next year?  And how can I be more prepared?
This week, I started putting things away with new eyes, with the intention of being better prepared for next year.  Understanding that I am the repository for all things, I carefully tried to put to memory, where things were going.  The outdoors draperies, the multitudinous tablecloths, the Japanese lanterns; all of it had to be searched for in order to use them this time, so I made mental sticky notes all over my brain to expedite the next sortie.

In doing this, I noticed I was digging a bit deep but I guess curiosity just got the best of me.  I did have those covered bins in my old sewing room downstairs...hmmmm....Can I remember what in the world is in them?  That's when it had to be done.  I approached the job with intrigue, knowing I would be sidetracked most of the day.  I sorted and tossed and laundered and stacked the bins neatly, making more room for more bins to join them there before The Great Basement Makeover.  Then my archaeological need went deeper.  Onward to the Letter Drawer in my desk.  On a regular basis,  I take a shoebox and empty the contents of my Letter Drawer, containing thank you notes, birthday greetings,programs, schedules, odd and assorted missives that collect over the months.  I then label them the date I removed them from the drawer and stack them in my closet.  Imagine the joy my children shall have at my demise, going through years, nay decades, of tokens of my day to day.  Once, when going through a similar box, I found a five dollar bill in a birthday card.  Perhaps I should randomly place a twenty (inflation) here and there to encourage them to go through it all?

All this is a long way around to get to my main point which is today's photo.  On the near bottom of the Letter Drawer, was the 8x10 Olan Mills free photo. Sharp shopper that Hubby is, we would get the complimentary free 8X10 periodically without any intention of buying anything else.  No matter how great the photo was.  He would have me repeat this before we would look at the proofs.  So I  have a pile of Complimentary Free 8X10's in my possession.  This one being special because of the lighter than air Maternity blouse that I am wearing, tucked in, because the pregnancy that I purchased the little top for, is sitting right there in my lap at a whopping six weeks old.  I remember the photographer kept saying, 'come on little baby, smile'....We all got a bit giggly since Eldest Son had not had his first smile yet at six weeks.  A rather serious, sober baby, he made up for his lack of humor later. I thought that if he smiled at this complete stranger after we have stood on our heads trying to get a smirk out of him, I was going to scream.
Another special reason this photo made me smile today is that Miss Vivien, just this past Sunday, wore the dress that her adorable mama is wearing in the photo!  Ah, the Deja Vu that was going on when her mama brought her out in what was little Eldest/Admin's  favorite, favorite dress.

As you can imagine, not much else got accomplished as I sat and looked at piles and piles of photos that somehow (see what I mean?) ended up in the Letter Drawer.

I counted it a kismet moment and I wanted to share it with you.......

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I dont know if you realized this because of the busyness of me leaving so early in the morning, but this past Sunday I wore the maternity top!!! Oh how swell it would have been to get a picture of Vivie and I to put next to this photo. :)
    Also, I love seeing how much Miss V looks like her mama, but still very much has her very own distinct perfectly adorable look of her own. :)


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