Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Shoes to Fill

This pitiful shoes hold some pretty good tales.
Not big by most standards; the average size 10.
However, there is someone that fills these beat up foot covers that is far from average.
I have tried to talk this man into retiring these poor old things for a long time now, but frugal man that he is, he would assure me that he thought that they had some more life in them.
We would be out in genteel company when I would glance down and see these ratty ole things and cringe.
I could not persuade them that the time for his Good Shoes to step up to everyday.
It was while I was preparing for The Retreat that I had the chance to hide these hard workers from their owner.
But before I could relegate them to the Work Shoes Closet, I had to reflect on the miles that they took.
I thought of the many times these shoes helped others.  The moves, the service and the hard work that they represent.
I thought of the self sacrificing that they represented.  Surely, he wanted to keep his Good Shoes good longer so he could spend the Shoe Money on me.  Or others.  Some that he is not related to.  Like families that are struggling to pay their water bills and electric bills.  If he has to wear shoes like this so others can have the basics, then so be it.  This is how he thinks.
These shoes have taken him to many hours of work.  And back.  Then back again.
These shoes have taken dog walks when he neither cares for or really even likes either dogs or walking.  But I do, so he does.
I thought of the grocery shopping they have done when I could not.
I thought of the hours of fabric shopping that they accompanied me to, when he could have been napping.
I thought that he really didn't notice that they were so incredibly nasty because he is not the type to worry about how he looks.  Or others.  He tends to be the type that sees through to the soul and has little concern for the outer casing.  Good news for me.

I have to thank My Hubby for the success of last weekend's mama's collection of Friends First Annual Retreat.  In the midst of one of the worst medical/work week that he's had in a long time, he quietly departed to Eldest Son's welcoming home to spend resting while I filled our home with Wonderful Ladies and Their Progeny.  He left me well financed when I didn't even ask.  He never even objected or protested when I 'asked' him about doing this retreat at our home.  It is a given for him; if it is going to help others and give refreshment, then that is why he bought our home in the first place, so why question it.  And he came home with the right questions and the ability to disappear while friends were still here...

A rare gem and a delightful man packaged in raggedy shoes.
A true blessing....Thank you Lord, for Hubby.....


  1. :) Amen...

    I myself came back from this past weekend in awe of how wonderful and blessed I am for my sweet sweet hubby. Sigh, ahhh how distance makes the heart grow fonder...

  2. well said. so gracious of him to leave his bedroom to us for a few more hours upon his arrival home. makes me happy he could have a piece of homemade pie on his way out of sight. :)


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