Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting Fresh

With a New Year beginning, one's thoughts always drift to what to do with a second chance.  How would we redo, start over, or fix what we didn't like when met with a new opportunity?

This year, I get the opportunity to take my cues from Lil Lady, my newest grandbaby.  Lil Lady had an in with her Creator in regard to His Ways vs. The World's Ways.  We took time off and prepared and made plans but He had others.  Far Superior, it turns out, as it always is.

While holding her in her Grammy made quilt on her 20th hour on earth, I had a chance to peruse how I would live differently this year because of her.
  • Always bow to God's timing; just makes sense and your life is less stressful
  • Languish in the moment
  • Sleep peacefully when you know that those in charge know what they're doing
  • Trust your Caretaker
  • Fuss when you're hungry if only to get your message across
  • Roll with it (whatever 'it' is; nothing is so bad for a while)
  • Get comfy in your environment but know when to leave
  • Get comfortable in your own skin
  • Understand that generations before you were tiny babies once
  • Take in all the good vibes from the world then sleep through the rest
On the cusp of this new year and being enraptured with my new role as a prolific grammy, I believe my lessons in living on this earth are just beginning.  This year I had the privilege of watching Baby Girl nurture Lil Lady in utero and out utero.  I got to rejoice at the heartbeat of another grandbabe due this summer.  I got to walk with another as she grieved the loss of her baby at an early start.  Life's lessons always seem to surround the acknowledgement of the beginnings of new life and the mystical viewpoint that it brings to the table each and every day.

Watch children.  All children, not just your own.  Observe their intuitiveness.  Mimic their freshness. Converse with a child daily to keep grounded.  And above all, respect life.

Have a Well Lived New Year.

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