Friday, February 18, 2011

Famous Liter Bottle Indiananians

Being a believer in all things crafty, imagine my surprise when I arrived the other day for Tutor Duty to see my table in the fourth grade room, being taken over by miniatures of several of Indiana's Most Popular Citizens.  These little models are absolutely delightful in their representation as well as interpretation.  And in this day of economically deprived art opportunities in our schools, it encourages me when teachers see the importance in creativity by incorporating artistic expression in their day to day lessons. Now, let us see which ones you recognize and know:
 Twyla Tharp:  Portland Indiana's most favorite choreographer.  I particularly enjoyed her handcrafted crocheted sweater with her rakish red scarf.  And her cottony puff of a hairstyle.  Love it.
 Orville Redenbacher: Native of Brazil Indiana, this agricultural entrepreneur, created his popcorn hybrids to become a common place snack all over the world.  I think he would be pleased with his pop bottle likeness.
 Red Skelton: Vincennes Indiana, an historical, riverside town, produced one of America's favorite clown/comedians.  Don't you think he would find this rendition hysterical?
And in front of Red?  A very abstract rendition of Kurt Vonnegut, fashioned from....?  Notebook paper!!  Genius!  An what about the chenille headed Larry Bird, from West Baden?? Adorable.

And my favorite:
John Cougar Mellencamp!  Seymour Indiana's own rock musician. 
 Now, I believe that this little fourth grader may have had some help with this little pop bottle image, but I think that a little help can be a fun memory to share with a child.  I still remember making a model of Springfield, Illinois' historic train station with my dad.  I remembering thinking how brilliant he was when he fashioned a coat hanger into a rail.  I remember watching him as he carefully cut the cross track out of teeny pieces of wood.  I made cardboard  luggage carts right next to him by his workbench.  To this day, I see class projects and smile in remembrance of that special time.  Yesterday, as I was admiring the display, one of the students came up beside me and I asked  which of the "bottles" was hers.  She pointed out a very fun looking Red Skelton.  She also pointed out that Red's hair was her own mother's hair!  She said that her mom cut her own hair to complete the project!  The proud little girl also commented that her mom is very funny.  She told me, grinning, 'My mom makes me laugh'....Ah, good mommy...

I hope you have appreciated this little presentation of  some of Indiana's Favorite Sons in a Pop Bottle Interpretation as much as I did.

What kind of project will you make with a child that will be memorable?


  1. remarkable how much that actually looks like Larry Bird

  2. Jake created Michael Jackson for his project last year. It was a little rough to say the least because mom got the notice of the project at the last minute and had only a few hours to improvise. And with no dolls to steal from around our house, let's just say it was rough.


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