Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Let us assume that all the Christmas Cookies are gone.
Let us assume that there is still some Valentine Candy left.
Let us pretend that we have been eating our cholesterol grabbing oatmeal all winter.
And let us rejoice that there is Spring in the air.
So what does this all add up to?

Weight Loss Time, Sistahs!! (and brudders...:D)
Oh yeah.
Judging by the crazy amount of people out tonight on my evening Doggie Walk, I'd say that Cabin Fever has driven the population to break down their previously frozen doors to breathe in the fresher, brighter, lighter air that comes with the southerly winds of Springtime.
And with increased activity, comes the lovely benefit of Weight Loss.
So what better time to stick to your springy guns and start a new breakfast plan?

I am eager to share my simple recipe because it has astounded me by it's simplicity and healthy goodness.  When I can eat something for breakfast and not even think about being hungry to well past lunch time, well, I am sold.  With previous breakfasts, I would get about three hour satisfaction before I was starving and tempted to munch on something till lunch time came.  So dangerous!  But with my new breakfast plan, those empty feelings are gone and a true hunger doesn't break a sweat till an acceptable luncheon time.

The secret of this concoction is: Fiber.
Fiber is filling and helpful to all things digestive.  You know what that means, right?  Sugary things stick and linger and park themselves and all their empty calories.  Mr. Fiber will not tolerate lallygagging around.  If it doesn't stick around it....departs.  Less things hanging around, less weight.  Simple, huh?

Try it!  Breakfast can be boringly predictable, so give this very healthy mixture a chance.....

Deb's Breakfast of Champions:

  •  One box of generic raisin bran (most raisin bran has 4-5 grams of fiber - that's what you're looking for) Cheap is fine and encouraged.
  • Raisins or blueberries, strawberries, bananas, dried cranberries...Some kind of fruit...Use something different every week for a real boredom crusher!  During the summer, you can reach Cereal Nirvana with all the fresh choices!
  • Chopped nuts of any kind, just make sure they're natural and not salted or roasted.  I add pecans, almonds, walnuts...Add this to a Tupperware kind of cereal keeper to the raisin bran.  It's no more costly to have the nuts in pieces or slivered, so go for it! Nuts are high in calories, but good ones.  Vitamin E, omegas and our friend fiber, are worth the extra calories.
  • For each bowl, add 1 tsp flax seed and one tablespoon wheat germ.
  • Use skim, almond or soy milk.  Your preference.  Or try a different one next week!  (See how varied this can get?)
See ya on the outside!!


  1. AMEN SISTER(mama haha)!
    I just got so excited after reading this that I combined your mixture in a big tupperware (just so happened that I got raisin brain and bananas at the store tonight, and had slivered almonds and extra raisins at home! ) Put the Wheat Germ and the Flax Seed into two small mason jars within quick reach in the kitchen (had both of these, but have yet to of used either one!) and am thawing the OJ right now! I love all of this because it is PERFECT for a new mommy that breastfeeds. SOOO hungry in the morning and barely am able to eat anything, so I am STARVING for lunch by 11! So this is perfect because it is all one hand accessible! :-D!!!!!
    Also....PLUS, I was going to start walking Miss Lailyn in the jogger stroller tomorrow after getting the ok from the DR today. Combined with that and the wonderful weather change, I am RIGHT on track with ya! Let the Spring Festivities of weight loss and outdoor enjoyment BEGIN!!!

    (p.s. thanks for leaving a chocolate cake here on my table for the easiest access! had that for breakfast yesterday because it was the only thing I could reach while she was asleep on my lap after not falling asleep for awhile! hahahaaha!)

  2. oh, thanks for the recipes! i'm always looking for things to change up our morning breakfast. we rotate eggs, pancakes, and cereal (not very often), but i need to explore more yummies. :)

  3. Enjoy Ladies!! Let me know about your Hunger Ratio compared to usual...I think you'll be surprised!!

  4. Read this at the perfect time as I'm headed to the grocery store. Definitely need to add more fiber and this sounds delish!

  5. I love wheat germ sprinkled with almonds on my yogurt! so good! excited to try this recipe!


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