Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Gifts...

 Let's face it.
You reach a Certain Age and all the gee-gaws and tchotchke's that you ever wanted, you've pretty much received in one way or another, or you have grown up and the necessity of the obtainment of that particular item just isn't what it used to be.

Okay.  I'll admit to still wanting a good deal of gees but the gaws have gotten under control.

Certainly, the quality, not the quantity of the gifts are weighed in a much different paradigm.
Even though my family does not exchange gifts, I truly don't know what I would request if they ventured to ask.  My level of contentment these days seems to have tabled out from the outstanding amount of greed that I embraced in my early years.

This year, with the crazy distraction of  the overdue delivery of Baby Girl's Baby Girl, I am hard pressed to even keep my thoughts straight, never mind trying to focus on gifts or gifting.

Then last week, I received a most precious gift.
It was with a scheduled visit from Spiderman, (you know I cannot reveal his identity) and when arriving to pick him up (you don't expect Spiderman to drive around out in the open do you??) I found him at his door, holding a crayoned greeting, which he was sure to point out before I gave him any praise or thanks, that his sister (yes, Spiderman has family) was the one that was gifting me with a most lovely drawing and note.

 I hope you can read this because I would tear up if I tried to repeat it to you.
It touched my heart to the very core.
This little girl that has been my friend since her baby days and still counts me as a special person in her life even with an abundance of grammys, nanas and mamaws in her life.  We have shared semi monthly visits for most of her life and watching her grow into a kind of little girl that would relate this kind of intentional greeting to a non related Older Lady, overwhelms and lightens my full heart.  I can picture her setting out to create a kind of picture that she would know that I would love.  After all, we have shared many an art session together.  Then to see her set out with pencil to largely lined printing paper and to express herself so sweetly (with accurate spelling!) well, the whole picture fills my Little Emotional Tank to way past Full.
And just to punctuate the whole lovely gift, Spiderman came home with me and shared more of love that apparently he inherited osmosisly from his older sister.

How possibly can one woman be so blessed, I tell you.

Love my little friends....
Many, many Merry Christmases to you, my loves.....

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