Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not a Creature Was Stirring....(apologies to Sweet Sharon)

Cats and their perches.
Around our home and especially our neighborhood, their perches can be just about anywhere. Neighbor Cats insist that I have need for a new cat since the demise of  Miss Kitty last spring.  Do cats, like hobos of old, mark the house as 'Suckahs'?  Do they know that they only cats I've owned have been those that adopted me? I keep looking for a banner, a 'serving number 53' device by the back door, or some cryptic carving informing all of Catdom that I could be swayed. Nevertheless, my garden, my outdoor wicker, patio furniture will, on a good weather day, be upholstered with the finest of Cat personages.  Mostly unknown to me.  They will even look at me, annoyed, that I would even question why I should disturb them.  I started leaving them alone long ago.  I have accepted that foreign cats will decorate my yard, porch and patio.  The hanger ons will go pretty predictable for awhile, then out of the blue, I find a ball of fluff in the least likely place.  Ditzy Stella has a record for the Craziest Cat Perches Ever.  Indoor and out.  This week Stella has approved of the newly installed Christmas Tree and it's silky skirt.  She has spent a good deal of each day this week in this exact position.  Last night, whilst Blogging, she was actually snoring.  Good ol' Stella.

However, unlike my feline buds, roosting in one place very long is not on my agenda this week.  Tomorrow, Miss Vivie calls me for a week of hijinks and conversation in her nearly two year old communicative way.  Mimi is abandoning the calls of the Pre Christmas Sewing Room to a higher call- helping Eldest/Admin for the week.  Packing for the week long trip includes extree things IN CASE a certain other Granddaughter decides to make her appearance and Mimi needs to greet her.  Ah, the blessedness of being needed by BOTH daughters and granddaughters at the same time!!  Tough, huh??!

So this blog shall take another rest while caregiving and fun and frivolity take place, followed by prep for Vivien's First Christmas at Mimi and Papa's.

Welcome December!
We have been waiting a l-o-n-g time....!!


  1. What a cute post! Sounds like your are going to have your hands full..Have a great time!

  2. Thank you so much coming to help us out... can't wait to see you!!!!!


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