Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 We knew that the weather would be tricky.
We knew that we knew the route like the backs of our hands.
We knew that we had a small window to return home before leaving again for northern climes and New Life.
We knew we had to make a break for it.
And it was a memorable travel time.
Lots of time for silence, white knuckle gripping of the steering wheel throughout the wonderful scenic meanderings of State Route 50 in Southern Indiana.  All times of the year, the gently rolling hills make for entertainment of what could be a way too long journey to Miss Vivie's home or returning thereof.

But this Sunday Drive was a bit more of a challenge than we bargained for.  As swiftly as we left the interstate system in Ohio to the slower two lane way of Indiana's State Route, the weather shifted to treacherous and we held on for the ride.
Hubby says that the weather and driving hazards were nothing compared to the freaky ride with a hypersensitive co pilot with absolutely no driving skills.  And I completely agree with him; I even scared myself with my crazy edge of the seat- swervy- nervy.  Whew.
 As we slowly blew into the nearest city to our little home town, our contact with Youngest Son found him at a local restaurant/bar, watching the Bears in weather worse than our own.  The restaurant was directly in front of us so we pulled into the blustery parking lot with it's neon sign beckoning the wayfarers in from the winter storm.  Few cars were in attendance and for a minute we wondered the prudence of even stopping, given the quickly moving front. But Hubby, needing a break for his bulging disk worn back (and from the whiny pants next to him in the front seat) we blew caution to the wind and sought out nourishment and a hug from a very missed Youngest Son.  Our arrival was akin to the kissing of the tarmac after flight turbulence.  Very appreciative for the landing.
We entered this little restaurant warmly received by the hostess even though we have seldom visited.  We were intrigued by the gathering of patrons, riveted to the weather channel on the big screen TV in the corner.  Christmas Decorations and the scene outside the many windows made for cozy camaraderie, as each guest was asked about their story venturing out.  Seeing our son and updating each other on our time apart, instantly calmed us down and we were ready to order a meal for which we didn't even think we were hungry for.  The warmth of the room, the friendliness of the staff, the good choices for our varied appetites turned this rugged journey into a very pleasant Christmas Story.  The owner/chef came out to the dining room to check out the customers stories and to relay his appreciation for our attendance despite the weather.  When my dessert came (include with the special) an extra was brought for Hubby, even though he went for lighter fare. The waitress stated that she just didn't want to see him have to watch me eat dessert by myself.

Soon, this little group of people, joined by bad weather and hungry appetites, all started to leave for home, each one was bidded journeys mercies and safekeeping....We said adieu to our son and his buds as they watched the Bears struggle and we faced the blizzardy parking lot in the light of the Christmas lights flashing around us.

Be grateful for the blizzards in your life...They make the respites ever so sweet....

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