Monday, December 13, 2010

Sle-eep In Heavenly Peace.....

I fought them in my tiny-ness only to want to call them in when reaching a certain age that needed more sleep than nighttime provided.
My firstborn seemed to follow that pattern as well, and she is still unable to nap during the day.
Now, I get to witness a third generation of Nap(sleep) Rebels.

Miss Vivie, like her mama, is all too aware of the fun of consciousness.  She is sure as shootin thinking that all the fun in the world is going on while she is off to the Land of Nod.  Cannot convince her otherwise.
She doesn't get terribly crabby, just insistent that sleep is not necessary.

So it was with great effort that I decided to help her see the joy of napping. After all, I could have earned a PhD in the varied techniques that I have honed through my adult years in the Fine Art of Sleeping in Varied Circumstances and Locations.

 With a great deal of confidence and willingness to sacrifice some wakeful time, I set out to Show Her The Way.
In my research, I discovered that her little 21 month old resolve is stronger than all the Nap Tricks that Mimi could pull out of her...ear.

Her little will manages to conquer the strongest of three adults attempts to convince her otherwise.  Tag teaming, threats, indulges, sound machines, lined curtains, seemed to be repelled by her invisible Sleep Shield.  If she, by chance of the napping gods, does fall asleep, too often she is somehow informed by her automated Sleep Police that she is indeed, asleep, an unseen alarm goes off, weeping ensues and we are again back at square one.

I tend to blame this all on my mother.
She was the one, after all, that cursed me, with sleepless children.  Mom, did you really extend it to the following generation?  C'mon.  Let's cut Eldest/Admin a break and withdraw the Curse of the Sleepless Children.

But, when the planets line up, when the favorite books of my Young Mama's Time, have worked their charm, when the pacie that is only permitted in her room is in place, when Mimi's quilt is snuggled around, when Mimi made dolly, CoryAnne, is nearby and sleepy kisses and huggies are shared and sleep is around the corner, ah, it is bliss.  Mimi stayed in her room extra long to just watch this little angel sleep in heavenly peace.

My little sweetie, indulge yourself in the blessing of nurturing sleep...Too soon the alarm will go off to go to work/school/appointments/life and you will wish for those comfy, cozy days of endless naps......

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  1. Oh yes! Poor little thing, if only she knew what bliss her resting lids were receiving! I termed this FOMA - the "fear of missing anything," and it seems youth surely stirs this the most. Love you mama! Keep savoring, we all love to hear!


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