Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gracie Beth is 2!!

 I was with Gracie Beth's mama when she took her pregnancy test.
I was snug in bed on that cold, snowy December Night when GB's daddy called to let me know that Big Brother Grant needed a babysitter at 4:00am.
I was cozy on their couch at 6:30am when her daddy called to tell me that she had arrived.
I was the one that had the privilege of having the Celebratory Breakfast with Big Brother Grant when he woke up to the news.
 I was the one that rounded up BBG, Baby Girl , Hubby, Youngest Son and myself into a teeny little car on that cold, snowy December 15th, to introduce BBG to his baby sister.
 We all got to watch the sweet introduction of Big Brother to Little Sis.
I got to hold her at less than 8 hours old.
 I got to sneak a peek at her two day old self when bringing chickie pot pie to the little family.
 I got to watch the fun first year and all it's ups and downs and boo boos...
 I was joyful as one of her very select first words was 'Nana'....
 I got to have a traveling secret with her....When we went anywhere, I got to hold her little hand and rub her palm to calm down reverse car seat agitations....It calmed her right down....
I got to help feed this voracious appetite some of her first solid food.....And thoroughly enjoyed it......
And last year, I got to make her first doll for her first birthday....
So it was with lots of sweet memories, that Nana sat down to her sewing machine to create a most special Library Book Tote for such a big girl. I included flannel from her reverse seam quilt and fabric from the summer britches I made her last year.  I even included bits of her mama's mama collection purses in the mix.  And since she will be joined by Baby Brother Liam in April and hedged on the other side by Big Brother Grant, I thought it only fitting to douse her with pink and frou-frou tutu to ward off all the boyishness that will surround her soon....

My sweet little Gracie Beth...Your hugs are the best......
Happy Birthday!


  1. Isn't being a grandma great and you sure are a good one!

  2. I just read this and am pouring down tears! You are so very special to my children, my husband, and me!!!! You sure earn the title of 'keeper of the memories'/best PM in the world. I hope to be so good with moments in life like that....I love you with all my heart... GB has been wearing her tu tu and twirling for everyone as she holds her Mama's collection bag tighter than I hold mine!


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