Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Years Ago

 It was a very different Christmas that year.
We took down our Christmas tree on Christmas evening.
The weather was a very unseasonable 70 degrees.
Last minute touches were made on The Dress.
Furniture was put in hidden away places while rented folding chairs came in.
Beautiful young ladies came in and out and wonderful young gentlemen played football outside.
Friends brought food and good wishes.
Greenery from the garden was trimmed destined for vases and bunting inside.
Laughter pealed through the open windows.
Twinkling lights were placed appropriately.
The most wonderful wedding photographer shadowed and documented.
A blazing fire stood waiting as the focal point.
The minister walked from his home down the street to join us and them.
Well wishers drove by and honked.
Lanterns and torches led the way.
An acoustic guitar prepared us for the arrival of the bride and her attendants.
She descended the stairs to her daddy's waiting arm while her expectant groom gasped in audible approval of his lovely bride.
Tears of joy.
Exclamation of the uniting of a destined relationship.
Overwhelming, surreal emotion on a most lovely, lovely wedding day....

Thank you Lord.......


  1. Your description of the wonderful event really brought it to life, a precious family memory that will always be with you at every Christmas season. Thank you for sharing this and Happy 2nd Anniversary to your daughter and her husband.

  2. beautiful. Still my favorite wedding to date!


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