Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beautiful Views

Kindred Spirits friend is an artist. I have seen her work in many mediums but by far, her work in stained glass is my favorite.  I was the very pleased recipient of one of her first works years ago.  On my stay at her home this past weekend, I was able to catch up on all her current works.  I get lost in the talent, the color, the design the soul that she puts in to each work.  I've owned my piece for nearly 12 years, and I still stare at it. She has this uncanny ability to interpret a thought, idea into the slimmest of pieces of glass and join them together to create a work of art singularly hers.
This one is called Deb's Garden...She interpreted in glass, my curved garden path created by BG's  Hubby and my propensity for nasturtiums.  I would know it anywhere....

You know what?  Her talent is only superseded by her wonderful, loving self.....
And I am blessed to count her as my Kindred Spirit Friend.....


  1. They are all so lovely..what a talent to be able to take pieces of glass to such beautiful expressions..

  2. Your friend IS an artist. How beautiful!

  3. I felt so at peace in their home, a feeling that always has lasted through all of her different decors and styles through my childhood. Always a home away from home...must be the kindred spirit thing. :)

  4. You are so sneaky. I never even noticed you taking pictures!!! It was so lovely to see you, but much tooooo brief. I didn't even get to talk to you about what you've been up to artfully. I must visit soon and hang about soaking up our old, but always new (and forever blessed by God) friendship. I love you so...


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