Thursday, August 19, 2010


Had one of those days.  The Come Down after a visit from my children. This past weekend, Baby Girl and Her Hubby returned from a vacation.  They were able to make an overnight stop with us, which thrilled Hubby and I.  As we prepared for bed, BG came into my room and laid across the bottom of our bed like she has done on many, many occasions.  This time, it was different.  This time, she had a very active in utero daughter tossing around within.  And Grammy got to witness it all.  BG and I have had some extraordinary discussions in this very place in my room, but this sweet little visit had to exceed them all.  We have talked about school, dance team, boyfriend issues, friend situations, matters of faith, fashion, homework, going to college, going to Africa and marriage.  But here we were, silent in our observation of this newest member of our family, introducing herself to the Visit to mama's Bedside at Night.  Stunning in it's simplicity and meaning.
Baby Girl and Her Hubby left the next afternoon to life back in college and parenting preparation.  But then came the call from Eldest Son.  His new job has brought a need to visit our hometown a bit more frequently, and this night he was to be coming on business but including supper with us as an added bonus.  As I wave BG and HH off, I slip into the next gear of entertaining ES.  We had a pleasant supper, unique in that it was me and 'The Boys', Youngest Son was off of work early and was able to join his brother, dad and mama.  Rarely happens; wonderful in the opportunity.  As I watched ES take on a fourth helping of Pepper Steak, I quietly said a prayer of appreciation for the man he has become.  He spoke glowingly and sweetly of his wife, the pride of his life.  He told us of her proficiency in taking care of children and his enjoyment of watching her in the church nursery the Sunday previous.  Lesson 342 on How To Please Your Parents:  Speak Glowingly of Your Spouse.
We ventured out to the porch for we had Frozen Novelties to enjoy.  Cory Rule: If you have a Frozen Novelty, you must enjoy it on the porch. And yes, after four helpings, ES did indeed have room for an ice cream sandwich.
Our conversation drifted in and out of many topics, all set to the steady rhythm of the swing.  Too soon, he needed to head home to Lovely Wife
The next day was Quiet Day. The joy of having four of our kids in our home in a 24 hour period can make me giddy and that giddiness can lead to a pleasant tiredness.  Not overwhelming- can't- move- tired, just peaceful, content, pleasant tired.  The tired that makes you go in slow motion and observe things like you're looking through a lens.
So as I went about my chores and errands, I observed the quiet in the still house.  The air conditioning off , and the windows open, sounds missed by motors, allowed another reverie.

I found the quiet spots in my home so enjoyable, I grabbed my camera to share them with you....
May your life be full of quiet still thoughtful moments......


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