Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simple Sewing Saturdays: Volume Eleven: Acceptable Bias

Nothing adds as much shwankieness to a pillow or cushion as bias piping.  A/k/a Bias trim or bias cording, it can add the contrasting interest to your decorating. And it is so easy, thus it is with that statement that we add this tutorial to our SSS Volumes.
Step 1.  Fold your fabric on the bias, at a 45 degree angle from the selvage. Diagonally.  Begin to cut approximately 2 inch strips, depending on the diameter of your cording.  Depending on the length of cording you need, will depend on how many strips you cut.  The strips will get shorter as you get to the edge.
2. Do not worry about the short pieces; you are going to join them together to form one long strip.
3.Place right sides together and stitch straight across where both pieces completely come together. Do not put the raw edges together, just right across.
4. Trim the extra fabric in the seam allowance and press open.
5.  Fold the long strip in half and snug the cording into the crease. Make it tight. Replace the standard pressure foot with your zipper foot.  Sew as close to the cording as is possible on top of the bias strip.
6.  Pin the newly bias corded strips along the seam line of your fabric to be corded, clip out the corners to ease in the cording.  Fold under the ends, preferably in the middle of the edges instead of the corners.  Stitch all the way around.
7. See? Your shwanky pillow top is ready to have a back on it and stuffed properly. Be prepared for oohs and ahhs about how brilliant you are.  Act humble and enjoy your new cushion.

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  1. That pillow is sooo cool! I love it!! Where did you get the cord?


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