Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Farmer's Market Bag!

Every Saturday, as I get ready for the Farmer's Market, I think of how fortunate those of us in isolated Southern Indiana are to have such an assortment of fresh grown, mostly organic produce.  The FM is truly a highlight in these southern counties and I for one like to celebrate it.  While getting ready for The Retreat this summer, I thought it was only fitting that my guests should have their own Market Bag to corral all their purchases.  It was during that process that I received my first copy of MaryJane's Farm magazine.  Within it's wondrous innards, I was pleased as punch to find the pattern for the Perfect Market Bag.  Sensibility told me that to make eleven of them in time for The Retreat, was a bit of a stretch.  But maybe one.  Maybe mine, could be the first of many MaryJane Farm's Upcycled Market Bags!  It got taken out for it's maiden voyage this past Saturday.  I must say, I felt rather proud wearing an official Market Bag.  Especially when a lady in a crocheted products booth was eyeing it carefully.  I could see her trying to figure out the pattern from where she sat.  This little sweetie is embarrassingly easy and you can bet that there will be more to come.  Eldest/Admin wanted it terribly, but she saw that the practicality for her, armed with baby paraphernalia, would probably not be doable.  She did, however, order one with longer handles for her Mama Multihanded Needs.  Could I alter the pattern?  With sisal twine invested, you can't really waste for the effort!  I shall attempt this challenge!
So my Little Market Bag shall accompany me every Saturday.  I shall trade my blackberries, corn, tomatoes and wee little Amish pies soon for squash and more autumnal veggies.
But probably not the books.  As you can see, Youngest Son, scored quite a pile again this week.  He's on his own carrying his Book Obsession. 
Or maybe.  Maybe he needs a Mega Mama Made Market Bag for his book purchases.....!!



  1. I wish you were closer to here! I have so many butternut squash ripening it's insane... I still have about 10 lbs in the freezer from last fall as well... Bring on the ginger squash soup!

  2. I do love that bag!!! But it's just so you... couldn't take it away from it's creator... buuuutttt... I would not deny another one, especially if it had longer straps... I will wait patiently... well kind of.... ;)

    Ginger Squash Soup?!? Sounds fabulous... must have the recipe?!??

  3. oh it turned out great! not that that surprises me but it's beautiful. nice job mama!

  4. I just love Mary Janes Farm magazine..I remember seeing that bag.. I'm thinking that I need to haul it back out to try it after seeing your bag.
    Ummm Ginger Squash Soup, sounds heavenly. Recipe, maybe?

  5. So, Nellie, Sharing the recipe, eh?? :D


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