Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Imagine my delight Saturday afternoon, to hear the unfamiliar patter of rain against my sewing room window.  Imagine my delight, when raising my blinds to view the rarity, seeing this sweet sight.
Neighbor Nancy, hosting her Two Grandgirls, allowed them, as a good Grammy should, the incredible fun of playing in the rain.
Prior to this interlude, NN tells me that they were in a bit of a tiff.  Ah, leave it to a change in weather to neutralize the spirits.  You couldn't have proved it by me.  These girls were twirling, running, singing and in generally speaking, enjoying this ten minute reprieve from oppressive heat.  I had to quit enjoying them from my second story window to scurry down to capture this bit of Summer/Sister memory making.

As I chatted with NN, I remembered those rainy day escapades of my little children years ago.  The rule was, if it wasn't lightning, they were permitted to have at it.  The neighborhood would empty out its contents of children, and the curbs and potholes became instant fun.  We had a  caved in like depression in the street across from our house that would fill rapidly. The kids could not wait to kick up and splash each other with the deepening rain.  Earthworms were collected and the squishiest of mud would seethe through their toes.  Prissy girls became boy like in their delight of all things squirmy and slimy.  Their giggles and shouts would bring me to my front porch, enjoying the rainfall and delighting in their simple pleasures.

Funny how a single scene can transport you to another time...
Thank you, girls, for reminding me...

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