Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yummy Lemonade Time

Let us just pause and drink this in.  Let us just think about 8 degrees.  Let us revel in the wind chill factor that we so rebuffed in the gales of winter. Ah.  Refreshment....Lest we forget....

Now that we are all cool, let us see what we do with lemons: Unrelenting Heat Wave and Temporary Home Displacement.
 Eldest/Admin is thrilled with a bath remodel in her lower level.  As goes all redos, there is pain before progress.  Concrete jackhammered, water turned off and plumbers in and out. Air Conditioning turned off to keep just cleaned ducts sorta clean.  Plaster dust and (gulp) old mold is stirring up things that asthmatics oughta not be breathing...
So they pack up quickly and high tail it to Mimi's House.  Mimi's has it's share of allergens, dust bunnies alone never mind animal hair, but we do have functioning a/c (thank the Lord) and good company.
What ever do we do to have fun at Mimi's?  We eat eggies for breakfast.  We warm Mimi's heart by calling her name when nighty time is over.  We make BLT's with the best homegrown maters ever. (Thank you Lovely Lisa!)
We try on Mimi's baby shoes, the very ones that she walked in 56 years ago...And they fit!  We go to Lost River Deli and Market and sit in a regular chair like a big girl, eating good and singing along with Mimi, The Rainbow Song while mama and Mimi shop in the wonderful store.
We shop at The Little Closet and find dandy finds.
We take walks at night with Mimi's doggies, when the temperature is not yet napalm but far from temperate .
We curl up in bed with Mimi and Papa while mama showers in peace and quiet and play with Mimi's Bedside accouterments.
Mama works on the cutest little bean bags that are here: while Mimi gets to rock and sing me to sleep.....Bliss....

We laugh and talk and sit and swing and enjoy each other's company immensely....
Sweet Lemonade from The Crazy Lemons of Summer......
Stay Cool!


  1. What a lovely time you are having...aren't little ones great? Thanks for the update.

  2. Awwwww!!!! I need me some of those lemons...see you tomorrrow!!!!!!! :-D!!!!


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