Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Buck a Book; Book a Book....

Nothing gets Youngest Son 'Up an at 'em' on a Saturday morning faster than the Farmer's Market in Orange County, Indiana http://orangecountyhomegrown.org/markets.html.  This grand Farmer's Market is in the top ten in the nation, thanks to all it's fans that wrote in singing it's praises. The Orange County Farmer's Market encourages the buying of fresh local food, and trading with our native artisans.  It is a delightful way to spend Saturday morning and more than one member of my family enjoys it.

Youngest Son is known for making incredible scores at his favorite, Buck a Book; Book a Book stand.  YS, degreed in English, has already accrued quite a library in his small cottage.  All the books that didn't make his particular cut, ended up traded at the BAB/BAB's tidy little self contained traveling library, for tomes more suited to his elite literate tastes.  For the record, he did once try to steal my Shakespeare Volumes gifted to me by Kindred Spirit Friend, but I put my Book Selfish Foot down and demanded their return.  YS has to just wait till I'm dead to get those on his shelves.  He could actually be late for my funeral, now that I think about it, going through my titles before the auctioneers show up.

We usually have to part the ways once we get to the BAB/BAB trailer.  We congregate in the same section and he knows what to look for and I just point out others so we can get in each other's way.  I go off to grab the fresh produce and yummy Amish baked goods while he fills his minimum weekly requirement of literacy.  This past Saturday, I had to laugh when I saw him walking toward me with a Coca Cola crate FULL of books!  The look on his face is one I had seen in my own mirror; the one where I am half giddy/half high from the wonder of the score.  I could see him proudly bearing his heavy load on his shoulders in the beastly heat, carrying in his other hand, the victory drink of Market Lemonade, a particular refreshing beverage.  YS is further enamored with the fact that the proceeds of the BAB/BAB project, benefits the children's library in Orleans and we overheard the 'proprietor' of the project saying that over 600 books were given away to children the past year at their stand.  Love it.

It is a joy for me to share the love of books with Youngest Son.  I love it when we recommend to each other a favorite.  I love it when we can discuss what we gleaned from a certain chapter. The world of books broadens your horizons, stimulates your creative flow and introduces you to the magic of words.

Read to your children. An investment of time never regretted....

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