Friday, August 13, 2010

Mutual Admiration Society

It has been a week since Vivien left for home.
In Grammy years, that adds up to about 6 months.
I have left some of her toys out and the high chair is still at it's post as if I expect her for lunch.
But she is at her home with her Daddy and Mama and that is how it should be.
But oh, how I miss her.
As you can see from the photo of us on Mimi's swing, we are both holding onto each other for all it is worth.
So today I get a call from Eldest/Admin.
She asks if I could Skype awhile.
It appears that Miss Viv was walking around with her pretend phone and rambling to an unknown person.  Her mama asks her, 'Vivie, do you want to talk to Mimi?', she responds by running to the staircase toward the front door, calling, "Mimi! Mimi!" Thinking I was coming to visit.  E/A thought that since she obviously wanted to see me, a Skype might be in order.

Vivie and I talked for awhile, me asking her if she likes her new toddler bed, if she had fun with her daddy at the pool the other night, if she enjoyed playing with her buddies, Ollie and Will the other day.
I am told that there was quite a bit of smiling and nodding on the other end.

Vivien and I had a Vulcan Mind Meld from the time I first laid eyes on her and her slightly impaired newborn eyes laid a peek at me.  We just get it.  We just know that we belong to each other.  When she reaches for me as I pass by, when I hear her cry my name when she is getting 'disciplined', I melt.

I was in the grocery store today and overheard this conversation a few check out lanes from me.
Small child,' I want to go to Grandma's house!'  Heart melted.
Harried mama in loud voice: 'SHUT UP!'  Heart broken.

There is indeed a hallowed relationship between a Mimi and her grandchild.
If you have none, please find one today.
You might check in the grocery store.....


  1. Tony: "Grandma you are my best friend ever."

    Grandma: "You're my best friend too, buddy."

    Tony: "Grandma, I love you forever."

    Grandma: unable to speak


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