Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silver Friend

It is so like God.  Just when you think that you are past being pleasantly surprised, He shows up and does something sweetly unique and encouraging.  He lets you know that He knows your needs and the desires of your heart and that He has a plan in it all even in the smudgy, inky times.

I have known of Sculptor Friend for many years.  Our paths crossed like a crazy crossword puzzle.  But we never took the time to pay attention.  We waved and spoke quickly as our lives ran parallel courses.  Until now.  Now, we are at cross paths and have bumped into each other on our destinies.

Gardening brought us together.  Our passion for our art and our business will keep us united.  SF has years of experience in the business of home ran craft and I am newbie supreme.  SF has a desire to teach others that are where she was years ago and to integrate all the new technology that aids and abets that kind of home industry.

So it was with a great delight that I was invited to enter her studio and to sit with her for hours while we shared stories, amazed at the similarities.  While she painted and I shot questions and concerns at her, she quickly reassured me that I can do this.  That I can start a business with what I have, what I do and what I love.  I watched and listened in awe of her tenacity and determination and was glad that I felt a kindred spirit it to it all.  I cam home pleasantly, overwhelmingly exhausted, like one becomes having drank in an ocean of information and ideas.

A Silver Friend, that's what she is.  Valuable as gold to me.
Thank you Lord for how you work and who you use....
May I be worthy....

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  1. I hold this SF quite dear, as well. She is a wealth of information, vibrant and true. Such a treasure to have in Mitchell. Someone, like you, who was transplanted but bloomed to create a more beautiful Mitchell.


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