Monday, July 27, 2009


I am currently in Grammy heaven otherwise known as Mason Ohio.
Heaven, not because of King's Island or that it is a mighty nice community. The heaven part comes from the fact that Mason Ohio is the home of my extremely important, special and idolized granddaughter, Vivien.

It appears that at least once every six weeks, I have found reasons for visiting. I manage to wangle an invite. Perhaps it is my pleading, whiny tone. Maybe it's the incessant questions about Vivie's size or updates that make my daughter feel sorry for me. Whatever it is, it's been working and I am here again.

Last night, as I lay in bed in the guest room, going over the events of the day and contemplating the wonder that is a grandchild, I noticed my son in law and daughter's college diploma hanging on the wall.

I home schooled my daughter for eleven years. I didn't say I was good at it, but I did the best I could, determined to keep her from the traveling special ed classes that our school district offered. Due to a myriad of health issues, Vivien's Mama struggled with learning. She was an amazingly brilliant little girl who struggled with the timelines of learning. Homeschool circumvented so much of the technicalities of schooling, but much was missed in the whole scheme of things. (Much was accomplished, to be noted, but much was also missed.)

Imagine my joy of her adult decision to pursue her education after high school! She was able to accomplish piece meal, allowing for moves and alterations to her and her husband's locations. A year ago, she accomplished her degree. Her father and I were so proud of all her hard work and her great grades. She truly is my hero.

And then I remembered her husband's college journey. I remember a visit during the first semester of his first year. I opened his math book, perhaps calculus, only to see squiggly lines and mysterious codes. The first page, I could not understand. This man, who had fun in college and still managed to do well, was my daughter's best tutor during her time in college. It is with profound gratefulness that I viewed his help with our daughter's schooling.

So know I look at those diplomas and all they represent. I am staying with these young adults in their lovely home with their adorable daughter. They are doing well for themselves and they alone have made it happen. Hard work and determination, the stuff that success is made of.

No wonder I fell asleep last night with a smile on my lips and a little bit of tears in my eyes.

Sigh.......Here's to my wonderful daughter and her equally wonderful husband.

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