Friday, July 24, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Most days, I go through my day with a semi agenda; certain goals and aspirationsto be accomplished, but after four children, I have come to be very flexible with my schedule.

Good thing too, or I dare not think of the fun times or wonderful opportunities I could have missed had a slavish schedule hemmed me in.

Take yesterday. I was cleaning my sweaty post dog walking self up a bit for a visit to the grocery store. I get a phone call from the 2G's mama.....she is calling from my driveway! Little Grant's pinkie has apparently met with the locked end of a heavy door and Mama needs some opinions as to a need for xrays. Did I mention that Miss Grace also used this intense time to fill her drawers to the max? AND left some on Mama's shorts? Ah yes, the craziness of mamahood!

Nana was ready, so the kiddos(and mama) get cleaned up and off to the hospital we go. I quickly pick up some crayons and a matchbox car for my purse and maybe just a few peppermints that Grant likes me to break up for him and off we go. Baby Grace is all clean and mama has changed her pooped on shorts. Did I mention that while I was changing from my sweaty clothes into clean ones, that I found a twenty dollar bill in my pants pocket?! Sounds like the makings of a post hospital visit luncheon!

Grant was a good soldier while his finger was inspected, x-rayed and proclaimed not broken. He received Tylenol, large fish shaped cinnamon cookies, little cheese crackers, many stickers and several atta boys from a collection of health care workers. Grace just stayed on my hip, charming everyone with her persona and rakish hair do. We shlumped kids, backpacks and toys to the docs, hospital and back to docs again with a celebratory parade like style. Grant carried his collection of rewards all the while keeping the offended pinkie in the air for protection. Mama and me were, by this time, a bit silly with low blood sugar and the fast flowing events, that almost everything that was said or happened brought about more than a bit of giggles. Grant had to wonder if everyone who is injured has quite this much fun.

We proceeded to lunch at a most agreeable place. Not only was Grant offered CHOCOLATE milk, but an ice pack for his owie. Mama and I ate voraciously, fielding a rather food ready Grace off our plates. She acquiesed to sit in a high chair and view and entertain the world. Grant picked at his food, by now quite full and catatonic from the morning's events. While Mama took Grant to go potty, I had to purchase some lovely chocolates for our desserts. A special treat for a Mama who took it all in stride and lived to tell the tale.

Both of our little companions fell fast asleep once the car started moving. Mama and I enjoyed our special chocolate treat while the little ones slept.

Just imagine the fun I would have missed if I had insisted on pursuing my lofty goal of grocery shopping and finishing my baby blanket!

Be open to opportunities...where they take you is usually better than you had planned......

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