Sunday, July 19, 2009

Late July is a gratifying time for gardeners. The toil of planting and planning and watering is ebbing and the reaping of the benefits of gardening is at it's best. You've have had successful blooms in daffodils, tulips, peonies, lilacs, love in a mist and the multitudinal echincachea. Now, I am content to watch the black eyed susans and daisies provide wide color in the garden along with the late season petunias and geraniums. The meandering morning glories provide a beautiful peek of the excellent blue that promises to be abundant in those late summer mornings. In general, slower maintenance is the rule of thumb and an enjoyment of the longer days amidst the profusion of color, is the epitome of the gardeners goal.

Taking a view of the work done on the gardening season by sitting amdist the wisteria vines in the early evening, makes the work done in early spring, all worth it. There is such a peace and contentment in a garden well done. The thoughts of the brutual winter to come seems lessened by the yearly hope of just such a night as this among the late bloomers.

Gardening, parenting....Very similiar, right?

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