Monday, July 20, 2009

Loving Vivie

One of the most remarkable things to have happened in my life is something that I had no active part in. The birth of my wonderful first grandchild, a precious little girl named Vivien Claire, has set my life on a tangent of adoration, devotion and dedication, that I didn't think possible. Vivien lives three hours away, so a daily, even a weekly cuddling, is out of the question, but on those monthly visits, cares melt away, all agendas are put on hold and my world revolves around getting to know this sweet little girl who promises to be a grand companion to me.

The first year is one of such hyper growth and progress, that each visit reveals more and more about the person that Vivie is becoming. The stages move rapidly whether or not Grammy and Poppy are there. But one thing remains static in the past months; Vivien is well aware of who I am whenever I see her. Last month's brief visit at Aunt Carly and Uncle Devon's, proved once again that the magical connection between grandchild and grandparent is real and enduring. Entering into the more skeptical months, I approached her cautiously and slowly. And then it happened. The connection via the eyes. The gazing into the soul of each other, sending out the mysterious threads of belonging to our brains and voila! The circuit is complete and her tiny little baby brain searches all her memories and there I was! Grammy! Vivien recognizes that she knows me, knows that I love her, understand her and will die for her if need be. She knows that I am to be trusted and somewhere within, knows that we belong to each other. All this is transmitted from the gaze into each other's eyes. Supernatural, spiritual, and beyond anything I've ever experienced. You know that that will happen with children that you have birthed. That is expected. But to have the link via her mother is something rare and fine.

I may have many wonderful grandchildren to come, but this experience with Vivien Claire has altered my life and encouraged me on to my elder years...Thank you Vivie......

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  1. Speaking as the link between Grammy & Vivien... it is true! Vivien and her Grammy share a connection that is indescribable! Vivie will go to Grammy without a second thought or hesitation... it melts my heart to watch the love between my mother and my daughter!


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