Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Lily Story

I have a six year old friend named Lily. We met when I began babysitting her when she was ten months old. Just a once a week event, but the pattern began a relationship that has spanned these past five years.

Even now, Lily will leave a message on my answering machine, reminding me that we need to get together. Our days together are full of chatting, tea parties, drawing and this summer, going to the pool. A few visits ago, she let me know how old she's getting by asking me if I had any fingernail polish. I assured her that I did, but that, sadly, it was boring old lady colors. Never one to miss a cue, Lilly arrived the next time with a handful of nail polishes, designed to spice Her Debbie up a bit. When she was ready to leave, I reminded her of her polish; to not forget them. She quickly responded that she was leaving them here for me because my colors were boring.

I grin every time I see her colorful offerings in my drawer. After a quick mini pedicure to myself one night, I grabbed one of Lily's polishes that looked a bit demure. I thought to myself that the next time she came over, I would ask her why she thought that that color was any different than mine. I was assured that she would have an answer for me.

A few days later, I was needing a bit of a touch up to my sandal exposed feet. I considered changing to a brighter color, but chickened out, not wanting to draw much attention to my buniony, arthritic feet. Again, I applied the same subdued Lily color.

My husband and I were out walking after church last week and glancing down at my toes, I was surprised to see some very bold, hot pink tootsies staring back! I usually have my walking shoes or sandals on so generally, my toesies are covered. A post church walk usually means that I have my dress walking sandals on. I stared in disbelief that I could not remember when I put this garish color on! Wouldn't I, even in my limited memory these days, remember such a momentous decision? My husbands response to my incredulousness, was one of head shaking, tsk, tsking about the sad state of my memory, maybe even a bit worried about future accessory decisions to come.

After bathing that night, still perplexing about my toe nail dilemma, I happened to glance at Lily's polishes one more time. On the back of the one I selected, was written in big letters: CHANGES COLORS WHEN EXPOSED TO SUNLIGHT!!

Aha! Dementia is apparently delayed for another time, and my surprise neon pink toes mystery is settled at last! Only Lily would take me on such a fun journey of wonder, doubt and suspicion.

I smile broadly each time my glimmery toes are exposed to the light....
Can you see them from there??

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