Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Nap

A porch swing in the summer is an antidote for stress and a stimulator of rest and relaxation.
I have never seen it fail to soothe a baby or distract a fussy toddler. Porch swings are magic.

Take today for instance.

Vivien's mama is genius in organization. She has the vision to take an over stored area and make it into a useable space. She says its all about sorting what you have.
Vivien's mama's friend is having a baby in a few weeks and she is nesting to the max. She is intent on utilizing previous storage space for an additional area for her three year old son to play and craft in and a space for her own creative pursuits. Today was the day they were going to finalize their plans. Time for some pregnancy photos was allocated as well. It was to be a full day.

That's where Grammy comes in. A Visiting Grammy has all the time in the world and all the desire to hold and entertain. This comes in handy when there is a baby on the way and things that need to be done.

Vivien and I took our place on the friend's porch to spend our time together. Mama's friend lives in a wonderful older home with character and of course, a porch. Vivien was entranced with the traffic and the noise that living in city affords. Vivien has a lovely room. She has darkened shades and a noise machine to rid her of noisy things that will distract her from sleeping.

So you would think...

Once the little girl became mesmerized with the soothing motion of the porch swing, nothing, and I mean nothing was going to wake her up. And the city tried. Vivien slept through the squealing hydraulic brakes of a dump truck across the street. She slept through sirens and the deep vibrating sounds of a bass system in a car stereo. A day care worker, leading a parade of a dozen children yelled loudly, 'Akilah, don't you pretend that you don't hear me!'. A summer thunderstorm roared through, complete with near by claps of thunder and threatening lightening. And heavy rainfall. Still the slumbering princess slept on....

That's how it is with summer naps and porch swings....Summer ambrosia....


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