Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dixie Saves the Day!

I am the third owner of a rowdy, noisy, incredibly loving and opinionated Jack Russell Terrier. It appears that three other owners had experienced enough of her, ahem, attitude and boisterous comments, to run screaming themselves to the nearest shelter, dislodging themselves of this noisy pest. Good for me.

Dixie has been with me for nearly two years now. I had much to learn on how to be a good dog mommy. It has to be intentional for me. In my post mommying years, I find myself in grandma mode; forgiving bad behaviour so much quicker than I did as a stern mama. The word spoiling comes to mind. I ruined my time with a beagle named Molly due to my cosseting behavior. But I had received word from my long suffering, non dog person, hubby, that I was going to be watched. Any inkling of doggy spoilage, and we were both in big trouble. I read the books, watched the video and entered into Dog Ownership with a strong resolve.

It has worked. Hubby's happy. Dixie is obedient and I have passed the test. Whew.

True to some canine/owner observations, Dixie resembles me. She is non stop, mouthy, has a small head and her colors of black and tan mirror the colors that I prefer to wear. She is fiercely loyal and very protective. She grumbles when justice is administered. She takes on big dogs with no fear. Or sense. Wow. Could we be any more similiar?

That's why when she uncharacteristically flipped out late Saturday night, barking into the dark night when she is usually fast asleep, I did not correct her. I let her have at whatever was disturbing her security. I followed up by turning on outdoor lights and checking the perimeter, my guard dog in tow. Back to bed, having done our duty.

Last night, a neighbor told me that his car had been broken into Saturday night. Same time as Dixie's warning. I was oddly curious that my truck door was slightly ajar when I went to use it yesterday. According to my best guess, Dixie, Protective Warrior, heard the intruder in her slumber and barked loud and long enough to push the invader on. I could see a slurky, dark. ner do well, running through my side yard to the neighbor's field and onto his car and it's contents.

Sometimes it's important to make a little noise....

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  1. Of course she saves the day. She is Dixie Lee, a very good doggie ...


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