Saturday, July 18, 2009

off to market

I have two little friends that I call the 2G's; Grant and Gracie. They are 2 years and 7 months. Their mama is a special friend to me and together, we enjoy sharing our faith walk, our sewing adventures and now, during the summer, we have been attending our local Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. The 2G's mama refers to it as 'doing the FM in the AM'! And I love it.

The children seem to love the bustle, the music, the aroma of fresh produce and plants and of course, the lovely baked goods. Grant, particularly literate, enjoys the 'Buck a Book/Book a Book' wagon, which generously gives each child attending, a book of their own for free. Each week, he approaches the cart like a miser with gold. He usually knows immediately which story book will go home with him and he is usually busy enough with his new book, to let Mama and I pick out one for Gracie. Her literate tastes is currently dealing with literal tasting at her stage, but we make sure to get good book to add to her collection when she is as interested in reading as Brother Grant. We continue on to see what local artists and gardens have produced during the week. We stop many times to answer questions about the darlingness of the 2G's and their two seater stroller, packed high with goodies from the market. Grant knows that we look at everything before we join the Amish children at the playground. He is that good that he patiently waits without complaint because he knows that his mama will be good on her word and take him to play on the playground equipment while his Nana Deb stays with Gracie Beth.

I love watching Mama and son play on the swings and merry go round together. I love watching Grant interact with all the children and I love it when he waves at me sitting there with Gracie and yells a friendly, 'Hi Nana!'.

Today, we purchased blackberries, tomatoes,corn on the cob, baby eggplants, a pie and a loaf of Amish made bread. We both look forward to sharing these fresh items with our families. But both of us know that the sharing of the time and the experiences on these warm summer Saturdays, will stay with us for many summers to come...

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