Friday, July 17, 2009

By the way...

I forgot to mention that there is more to me than a font of wisdom! I love to sew; my favorite thing is 'repurposing' old things and making them cooly new. Nothing like finding pieces of vintage toweling as the cute little pocket twins on a vintage/retro/new apron! I have saved, in my thirty years of fabric collecting, crazy pieces and scraps of materials that spark memories and now show up as oddly contemporary.

Like to sew or want to know more about how to utilize what you have into some thing amazingly new? We can do that! Being a one income family most of my 36 years of married life, creativity has had to come into play when finances were pinched. Many of my creations have come out of necessity but gave birth to whole new way of seeing things.

Look forward to ideas and inspirations to come that are sure to spur you onto seeing things with a repurposing eye....Fun, useful, politically correct and just plain wonderful!!

Stay tuned...

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