Friday, September 10, 2010

The Comfort of Quilts

Soon after I moved to my current location, I was included in a group of ladies from my new church.  These ladies knew I was needy.  New location, family trying to acclimate and a very medically needy father that came along for the ride.  I didn't have much to offer this group other than letting them hear me vent during our weekly Bible Studies.  It was an odd dynamic for me; I was used to being the one that ministered to others.  This time, I was completely unable to reach out, having nothing left to offer.  So I let these lovely ladies minister to me.  They showered me with gifts on the first birthday away from my home base.  One of them, still remembers my birthday.  (Thank you, Sweet Sharon!)  I drank all this care in like a healing potion.  Another, Gentle Friend, went above and beyond the call.  She made it her mission to care for me while I cared for Dad.  She dutifully picked me up every Wednesday to just get me up and out the door.  Some days would find me sort of catatonic with my latest stress and she would quietly just drive me around, taking me to lunch or some store that, she said, 'would do me good to just look at different things.'  I still think of that statement when I minister to others today.  Just get in a different environment to switch perspective.  Very wise.

Today is a lazy kind of day.  Miss Dixie awakened us a little past midnight, warning us of some Stranger Danger between our house and the northerly neighbor.  The rustling of dry leaves and a heavy shuffle brought her to warning status to her masters.  Hubby and I were properly awakened and warned, but thankfully, no guns or knives or pointed objects were needed.  Methinks it was probably one of the legions of cats that think that we have a waiting list after the demise of Miss Kitty.  Don't really want to think about if it wasn't cats.  Anyway.  I was awakened and that was it till four AM.....By the time Hubby was off to work, I was more than ready to climb back into bed.  The new chill coming in my northern windows beckoned me to reach on my quilt rack for that extra cover to snuggle in for a supreme sleep.

I woke up to see the unfamiliar cover yet favorite quilt on me.  The sound of the gentle, rare, rainfall to our parched land, was music to my ears.  I laid there for awhile, listening to the rain and basking in the comfort of my special quilt. Ten years ago this birthday, Gentle Friend gifted me this fine quilt.  I love everything about it; the color, the arrangement of the squares, the vintage fabric, the quilting template used, everything.  I still remember the awe I felt when I opened this gift.  I know what it takes to create a quilt.  I know the time, energy, expense, the heart, that goes into each creation.  And for Gentle Friend to share this amazing gift with me, well, I was overwhelmed.  Still am.

So as I laid there in quiet retrospection and peaceful appreciation for her and all the times and ways that I have been comforted and cared for in my life, my heart was full.
And what should we do when a heart is full?
Spread it around.  Share it. Let others in on your peace and comforted spirit.

I'm off to my sewing room......

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