Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Michele's Bag

Funny how things work out.  Years ago, while I was caring for my dad in his home, I sought distractions to help with the heaviness that comes with 24 hour care giving.  Baby Girl was in junior high and even though by care giving time line left me with very little time to be an 'Active School Mom', one of the things I enjoyed doing was designing and making purses for her friends.  I made these purses by hand, not having room for my sewing machine amidst dad's sick room equipment.  Working with the materials and occupying my hands was therapeutic to my jangled, sleep deprived nerves.  Since that time, I have wondered what happened to those early bags.  One day, I found one of them at the second  hand store, noting the date that I stitched in the bag for a birthday.  One fell apart in shreds after countless repairs for a stubborn young girl unwilling to let go of it.  She was one of my first customers when my new bags started to be produced.  I believe the current count for her is four.  Then there is the Facebook Connection.  Baby Girl had a long ago junior high bud contact her and ask about my bags.  She told BG that she still had the long ago bag and that her little girl plays with it now.  Her birthday was approaching and she kindly contacted me with a birthday wish to purchase a new and much improved mama's collection handbag.Eldest/Admin had recommended that I develop a purse survey to aid in the creation of a custom made bag.  So Junior High Friend was sent one, returned it filled out and the result is what is pictured here.  And this is a Premiere Edition as well!  A matching cosmetic bag was requested to go along with the purse so after researching and remembering Chicago Friend's lesson at the retreat this past July, I endeavored to design one myself. (See Sewing Simple Saturdays this week for more on that!)   Also, whilst on my Smoky Mountain Vacay, I had the opportunity to pick Crazier Don's busy brain regarding my business.  CD has had his own business for many, many years and since he was on vacation and actually sitting still (well, somewhat), he was more than willing to give this Business Newbie some input.  One of the swell ideas he was to give me after I shared with him my mission in creating bags and totes, was to include, deep down in the seam of my purses, some relatable bible verse that will be read, almost stumbled upon at some later date.  Brilliant!  I remembered a winter coat I had years ago that I had worn for quite awhile before I noticed one freezing winter day, a little tag deep inside that simply said, 'May you stay warm in your heart today'.  I loved that little note and now I want to share that bit of encouragement with my customers.  I asked CD which out of allllllllll the verses in the whole bible I should use and he stated simply, (duh), 'Pray about each one for each client'.  Done.  I prayed over the fabric before I made the first cut and asked the Master Designer to reveal the verse that this customer needed.  And He did.  But I can't tell you.  It's a secret.  But I can tell you that I loved making the labels for other young mama's bags/purses/totes/diaper bags.  I loved thinking of them finding the tag and reading them with a feeling of encouragement as they care for their little ones and themselves.
Fuel your Spirit today. 


  1. Oh what a marvelous thought! I love what you're doing, and I can't wait to have one of these bags for meself! Thank you, thank you! My address is 1151 Hulon Lane, West Columbia, SC 29169. Your little grandbaby is just so perfect! You are blessed. Let me know what amount to send your way, and your address, of course. And yes, it seems like we are surely kindred spirits :) So glad you pulled me aside at Lafayette.

  2. turned out great mama!!!!!!
    and she has told me already that she is SOOOOOO happy with it! YAY!


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