Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Time

While the Festival rages on nightly on Main Street, school continues. As one that has labored in booths and tents on the Main Street venue, I know that many school children are down at the carnival till way after 10pm.  I've seen little princesses in their gowns, trouping through the streets, following their parents as they chat with their friends.  I've seen little people running through the festivities after it officially closes down for the night.  And living on one of Mitchell's busier streets, I've heard kids whining as they get in their cars, from way too long of a day.
I did wonder when we first moved here, how in the world the teachers handled the overly tired, overly sugared  students the whole week.  And up until a few years ago, the teachers would have to administer the infamous, statewide ISTEP tests on the same week!  Whew!
So as I went off to school today to tutor a fourth grader and as I ventured out yesterday to do a craft with the first graders, I girded myself.
Pleasantly surprised, I saw no craziness.  I saw calm classrooms with moderated teachers.  I saw schools used to the 64 years of Persimmon Festivals.  I saw the professionalism of the teaching profession first hand.
It is a joy to work with these educators.  Having been a die-hard homeschooling mama, praise like that does not come easily.  But I have been won over by the Mitchell School System.  The freedom to home school is still very important to me, but the cohesiveness of a well run system is vital to our children.  And as a parent, I appreciate it when it is done well.  Thank you, Mitchell Teachers!

(By the way, speaking of homeschooling, have you used Elmer Brook's, Do it with Dominoes, for your early math curriculum?  Excellent for confirming those important number facts with lovely bone like tiles, so good for the visual, audio and kinesthetic learner!  My little girl in fourth grade is clicking really well with this technique! Highly recommended by old moms!)

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