Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simple Sewing Saturdays: Volume Twelve: Resourceful Resources

You are never too old to learn something new.  Daily, yea, hourly, I find new things about life and all that is this earthly adventure. That's what keeps it so darn exciting.  Even though I have been sewing since 1971 ('70 if you count an elective Home Economics Course that I cheated through), I am amazed at the amount of Sewing Knowledge that I do not possess.  In that regard, I am gratefully appreciative for those that can instruct me in the basic and the advanced type of sewing that I so admire now.  I remember my first How To guide; a Butterick published book; spiral bound and full of helpful illustrations.  This book stayed close by my in my Early Adventures in Sewing.  I am now infatuated by the young women that are incredibly talented and possess an incredible amount of technological and business savvy.  I am their biggest fan,standing in awe of how they do it all.  Pictured are some of my current Sewing Crushes.  I LOVE these books and know that you will too.  Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching by Heather Ross.  A wonderful book promoted by all my favorite bloggers and referenced often.  This past week whilst on my vacation, I stumbled across this sweet little fabric/pattern store,, absolutely jammed  tight with amazing fabric and the patterns that I see online all the time.  And there, waiting for me to purchase the Perfect Vacation Souvenir, was Heather's exceptional book!  I got to look it over and see why so many love it.  Hubby was more than willing to let me purchase it.  It was vacation, after all.  I spent the evening pouring over the patterns and recipes, (yes, Heather has wisely added some yummy recipes for those heavy sewing days!)  I'm telling you, no respectful Sewist should be without this book.

And then there is my new hero.  Anna Maria Horner authored her book, Handmade Beginnings, last year.  I snatched it up after previewing it AND finding out that Baby Girl was expecting.  I believe she wrote it just for her. It is filled with great baby/mama making things and great sewing instruction.  Then, just as I was standing in awe of her mothering (six children) sewing, designing, business expertise, she goes and wows me with her writing skills.  So amazing.  Bring your tissues. 

This next book arrived while I was gone on vacay.  I feel like I know about it from the countless times it is referred to in my favorite bloggers writings.  I have admired the quilts made from this pattern: .  I knew that I had to make this quilt.  Fabulous.  This past year, I have acquired a Pretend Granddaughter that absolutely loves a quilt that my mother in law made for my Eldest Son many years ago.  The poor quilt is worn to pieces but she is smitten with the love woven into it.  I want to make a quilt woven with love for her.  But I need help with fabric artisans far ahead of me, so I purchased Suzuko Koseki's book. I LOVE THIS BOOK.  Beautiful projects.  Great illustrations.  It shall get passed down to my progeny worn out. 
While this Simple Sewing Saturday's Volume is not really a  practical instructional, it indeed references books that we all need as sewists/newbie wannabe sewists.  Learn something new in sewing today.  Sewing develops patience, detail, understanding of procedure and the importance of being careful.   These skills leak over into all areas of our lives, so utilizing them  in the sewing realm helps me to see the importance in all those other areas.
So, I thank all the brilliant authors that have shared their knowledge with me so that I can share it with you.

P.S.  I have a secret.  I have a friend that is coming out with a book soon and wonder of wonders, privilege of privilege, she has invited me in on it!  Coming Soon!  Watch this space for more details!

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