Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Have traveled a bit this summer.  Collected sights and memories and now that I'm perched for a spell, I'm having fun viewing all that I have taken in.  Swell visits.  Companionable people. Fun car trips.  Nothing on a National Park Scale, but lots of lovely visits with some of my very favorite people. Miss Vivien, of course.  And here at Baby Girl's Baby Shower for her Baby Girl, Vivie and I clued in on each other and quite honestly, it took me awhile to see anything else.  We spun a neck grabbing hug as we caught up on all our lovins.  The photo of the grandest gathering of lovely young women was taken at Squirrel Park.  Aptly named.  And there were actual squirrels there, not just a Mimi crawling up a slide for her granddaughter.  In the heat.  After traveling three hours.  For a special party. Vivie and Mimi had to have some time. In her piggy tail photo, V is wearing a dress that Mimi made her.  Didn't think the fabric or pattern could have gotten much cuter.  I was wrong.Then there was the Niece Lovefest.  Eldest/Admin is absolutely smitten with her Unborn Niece.  She could not wait to feel for herself the magnitude of movement that Baby Girl is experiencing.  I walked in on this moment.  Two sisters with the Baby Mind Meld.  Adorable.Kindred Spirit Friend, Stained Glass Artist, author, poet, most precious of friend.  And we are quite silly as well, climbing into the back of her seatless RAV, indulging in Whitey's Ice Cream.  We laughed and giggled as we traveled to her gracious home, while our Hubby's caught up on their lives and listened to the Two Buds in the Back.  And our Leaving Photo had to include, Pearlman, her doxie, who just at that moment wanted to be a Cory.As Crazy Dee was purchasing some Spectacular Gem adorned sandals, I came across this sign that really does define us.  She still owes me $10.00.
Peek a Boo.  I see you, most Wonderful Granddaughter.....Mimi loves you......

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