Thursday, September 30, 2010

mama's own...

Ya know, every now and then, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do....
Fall is falling all around and as sure as the seasonal shift, a girl's desire for a new bag occurs.  Remember the Daffodilly Bag back in April  Well, the same focused intensity for a new autumnal purse hit me recently.  On vacation, Crazier Don informed me that I needed a great statement of a purse, one that says, I Make Purses.  One that people will notice and comment on.  So in the time that I have returned from Vacationland, my Autumnal Designed Bag has been overtaking my brain.  When I walk the dogs, when I lie in bed in my menopausal insomnia, whilst I cut vegetables, I think of what is the best way to cut my favorite upholstery fabric that is left over from Faithful Friends purse from last fall.  I have doled it out carefully since it came from an tiny upholstery shop up in Indy and not exactly re orderable.  It's small amount was untidily tucked into a corner of the endless rolls of upholstery/drapery fabric.  But my hands found it.  It is soft yet sturdy.  Woven carefully and brilliant as a Joseph's Coat bush in late fall.  It says ME.  That's precisely why I made Faithful Friend's bag from it last year; we are kinda intertwined, picking up where the other left off, so it was only fitting that I used my favorite material.

For this bag, I utilized those interesting giant curtain grommets (isn't that a fun word, 'grommets'??)(Probably why I like Wallace and Gromit so much! :D  I tucked it up a bit to cinch it around the opening so things do not escape.  I added a zippered pocket (something I do for others but not for myself) and even attached an old Baby Girl earring from her bohemian days (that was before she was a Pregnant Bohemian; different but the same!) for a zipper pull.  I added a pen/pencil pocket because I despise searching for a pen in my purse.  I usually have many floating around in my purses so not to be able to find one, is very irritating.  Not so any more!  All my new designed bags have pen/pencil pockets!  A mama's collection speciality of sorts.  My lining fabric is a cotton paisley from four years ago from Walmart of all places.  Our local Walmart removed their fabric section recently.  Granted, not too much to choose from but every now and then, I could find a nice upholstery piece.  So I haven't spoken to Walmart from some time now anyway, especially when this spring's floral assortment was so lame.  And their aisles are smaller.  The list is building of just my own beefs never mind the global things.

But I digress.

To summarize:  The purse is huge, noteworthy, soft, sectioned and I think what Crazier Don had in mind when he wanted me to create a Statement Bag.

Happy mama.

Now is time for a favorite activity of most women:
Changing To A New Purse!
Seriously, isn't that the most fun?  Taking the time to go through the old, discarding gum wrappers, placing receipts in their right place, finding those rascally pens and organizing the stray papers, is really very cathartic, almost euphoric but that is just me....Or not?

Off to reload the new purse with all it's handy pockets and soft externities......
Watch for it.....!


  1. I LOVE the idea of a pen/pencil pocket! I've been trying to come up with a diaper bag that can function as a purse as well as tote all my kids' loot. I'm thinking it needs 2 sections: a smaller purse side & larger bag side. I need a pen/pencil pocket, a key pocket, an iPhone pocket, a make-up pocket (for chapstick & lipstick) with enough room to hold my wallet & notebook in the purse section. the diaper bag side needs to stash my cloth diaper wet bag as well as extra burp cloths, receiving blankets & change of clothes for my youngest two. And a place for my water bottle. I currently carry 2-3 bags everywhere since I dont have one bag that can do it all.

  2. It's absolutely fabulous.
    Love that all us Cory women switched to our fall bags the same time and that they are all from "mamas collection"! :)!

  3. Emily, do I sense an order coming?? Perhaps we could work a barter??

  4. Ooo! What a great idea! What sort of bartering interests do you have??? I LOVE to organize! Do you have a room or two in need of organizing? :)

  5. hmmmmmm.....let me think....Maybe computer skills? Etsy layout and understanding of it?......Sort of and Etsy interpreter??

  6. Ok, how is it already mid-November? I feel like I somehow was swept up in the last few weeks.... I would be happy to help you with Etsy. I haven't set one up myself before but I am willing to give it a shot. Most of those type of sites are fairly user-friendly for someone in my generation that grew up with computers.

    Funny side story... I remember being in 1st grade and going with my class to a room called the computer lab. There were about 25 cardboard monitors and 25 cardboard keyboards. We were instructed to sit in front of one and pretend to type. Then they told us soon we would have real computers in there (Macs, no less). I remember laughing with my friend as we "typed" on the cardboard box with letters on it. And here I sit with a computer... my how quickly the world is changed by technology.


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