Thursday, September 24, 2009


Rainy all day.
Not Festival Weather.
Poor little ol kiddos.
No rides for the third night of their three night ride bracelets. Perhaps tomorrow night, when the weather is cloudless, (she says with cheerful optimism) they will be able to use their now useless bracelets.
I made one attempt to go to the Commercial Tent this evening seeing that I won a drawing! I believe I should be the owner of stainless steel scrubbies from Stanley Products. That is, if the Stanley Lady would have been at her booth tonight. I trudged down, in the rain, pants rolled up against the deep, deep puddles and fought my sturdy royal blue hooky umbrella against the winds, only to find the dear lady had closed up shop and stayed in her comfy dry home. All the other vendors were there. The only dark spot was the Stanley Home Products booth. Will I now have to actually purchase the Wonder Scrubbers, that have over 50 yes 50 uses?......I'll let you know... Second Son accompanied me to The Methodist for a hearty lunch of pork tenderloin (sorry Baby Girl), dressing, gravy, cole slaw, dinner roll, green beans and the most sinful Chocolate Fudge Walnut Cake. I should have taken a photo. Way beautiful and scrumptious. However, Second Son and I made fast work of it even after the bounty we had just consumed. And we do have to mention, seeing most of Mitchell there. Lots of good company....Writer Friend Joyce, Neighbor Michele and Her Friend Jean and their delightful children. Poet Georgia was there as well. She will be 90 in November. A sharper more humorous woman would be hard to find. And on and on the names go....A perfect Methodist Lunch with Second Son and company.
We took the time to look at all their crafts for sale. After all, where were we going in the downpour? To buy Barbie cupcakes for Second Son's birthday friend, but that's beside the point.
See the bread pictured above? Just a sampling of their lovely baked goods.....

And quilters and seamstresses as well....I could tell their stock was a bit diminished from Tuesday when I visited with Crazy Dee Friend

And here is the Special photographed for those that cannot read..Sorry for the blurriness; I had just consumed my weight in Chocolate Walnut Fudge Cake.....Makes one fuzzy....

So I came home and attacked this Rainy Day with a useful vengeance. I finished Faithful Friend's new bag! She received a Birdie Sling last month but found a need to own another Mama's Collection Bag...What a good friend! I'd make her one every week if she wanted me to; she's just that good of a friend.....
The fabric was yummy, the lining silky, the handle comfy and the embellishment, strong.....Good, good purse....
Enjoy Faithful Friend!!

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