Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recipe for a Perfect Weekend....

1. Take one wonderful hospitable home that belongs to Eldest Son and Lovely Wife. Enjoy the peace and beauty of their brick bungalow nestled in a quiet area of Indianapolis...
2. Find a new pizza place nearby with New York Style Pizza. Order the 20" large, everything pizza. Make sure you order bread sticks and cheese bread because Eldest Son is a hard working man and Lovely Wife has had a long week with third graders. And Hubby and I haven't had a good dose of carbs in quite awhile.....
3. Get ready for two other sibs and their hubbies to come. Sleep well, eat a good breakfast, clean off the patio and get the badminton set out (you know the one; Jeansteffe gave it to us 20 years ago and it was OLD then! Make sure you get to several garage sales before Vivien and her parental units show up. Grab amazing deals at the sales and try not to fight over vintage towels....

4. Play hard. Relax and replenish at will. Make sure the young bucks are not picking on hubby and cheating at croquet. Make sure the games that Eldest Son and Vivien's daddy and Baby Girl's hubby makes up does not involve hitting croquet balls with badminton racquet's.

5. Catch up on some knitting and interacting on our wonderful Vivers. So, so good to have our Long Lost Landon from Lafayette visiting....New York was far away and the summer was different without him...Welcome back, Landon....
Take hubby to the fabric store quickly for some patterns, one that involves a new winter coat for Miss Vivie...

6. Eat well. Ciabetta prosciutto sandwiches on the grill made by Eldest Son. Tomato Salad by Hubby. Sweet potato fries by Landon. All on the patio. Beautiful day, wonderful evening. Ice cream and brownies made from recipe from a fellow blogger. Sit around. Chat. Catch up. Bathe Vivien. Make her giggle like crazy. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

7. Go separate ways, to all our respective homes. Some of us with agendas. Some of us meandering through the Indiana countryside on an unbelievable September Sunday. Maybe an apple orchard. Or two. Whose counting?

8. Wrap up with a one of a kind cherry apple cider shake with free popcorn.
Serve warm, serves many, lasts forever........


  1. With all those wonderful ingredients... no wonder it was so good!!!! :)
    What a wonderful pre-fall afternoon with the fam! LYSMICETY

  2. Such an amazing weekend. Wish I could live it over and over.

    and the recipe from the rest of our weekend...
    -Lovely trip home on one of the most beautiful days since we have been married.
    -Challenge ourselves to unpack, dry clothes, get dressed and eat within a hour and do it in a 1/2 hour! Proud Hubby.
    -Go to Purdue for it's 125th Pharmacy white coat ceremony to support our beloved long time friend. Including yummy refreshments! Forget how much I love pineapples!
    -Come home, get back on our pj's to crawl in bed for a well deserved Sabbath rest.
    -Wake up and make our favorite snack, cream of wheat with our blueberries from the market and bananas.
    -Make some hot tea, and spend time curled up on the couch reading while I surf the web for the best homemade alfredo sauce :)
    -Prepare an amazing meal of our Alaskan fresh scallops sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and garlic with home made alfredo sauce over penne pasta
    -Have over wonderful young sister-in-law and landon's best buddy over for some ice cream/blueberries or banana peanut butter milk shakes and chatty fellowship
    -Now....settling in and looking back at a wonderful weekend spent with the ones I love most....and great food. :)
    Couldn't ask much more to make this baby girl happier.
    Love you all so very very much... :)

  3. what a FABULOUS weekend! We will gladly host any time :) We loved the blog!!


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