Friday, September 18, 2009

Calm Before the Storm....

So. Things look quietly calm.
For now.
Starting Sunday, this little town of 5000 becomes a carnival.
It boasts the second largest parade in the state.
For a solid week, contests, rides, fair food infiltrate this tiny town on a really big scale.
And school is still in session. For years, the statewide ISTEP evaluation tests, were done the same week. Imagine the scores of children over done by late nights at the carnival and overdosing of overprocessed, sugary treats. Craziness.
And I've been a part of this insanity for most of the years that I've lived here, in one way or another. Guilty as charged.

For the following week, I doubt if I get in my sewing room much, but you betcha I will be documenting all the little nuances and interesting sights and sounds. Every year I am amazed that all this goes on just a little over a block away from my home. Oddly curious and magnetically drawn to it, I still am trying to figure out my love of it. Craziness.

Persimmon Festival.
Persimmon Capital of the World (really?)
My new hometown.....

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