Monday, September 7, 2009

One More Time...

Ten years ago, Old Friend and I were at an Estate Sale.
Under a table was a box of assorted fabrics which included several pairs of bark cloth draperies.
It was at a time when bark cloth was just beginning to make a comeback from it's 40' roots so my friend and I held our breath while we took the battered box and it's jumbled contents to the check out.
No price was anywhere to be found and given the condition of the box and the fact that it was shoved under the table, one can surmise that it was doomed to extinction.
Until Old Friend and I rescued it.
We laughed maniacally as we searched the contents of the box once we were safely home.
We divvied up the loot and proclaimed the day a success.
I have used these curtains everywhere.
I have patched them. Rearranged them so that their weaker side was hidden.
I have used them in my living room, library, spare room.
After inspection following a last careful washing and air drying, I proclaimed the old girls fading and reaching the end of their long run.
This past week, I spread them out, checking all the holes and tears and formulated a way that they could be used one. last. time. With the magic that comes from the Sewing Wizards and gods of thrift and by Almighty's good grace, I was able to make several sets of valances for two sets of windows in my dining room.
It was amazing to see that the holes would fall in just the right spots. A little creative license in a few areas and again, after six decades, these marvels of 40's engineering have once again lived to decorate windows for another run.
Call it Repurposing, Recycling, Renewing if you want. I call it Blessing......

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