Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Discoveries

And the auction ferreting continues...
Wisely, I told my husband to leave the auction goodies in the truck so that I could sort through before it took root inside my home..
I could see Pauline's things finding a host amongst all my long cherished things and the purging that I'm trying to do here, would be for naught....
I am going through box after box, slowly, methodically and critically.
Today, in the bottom of, what appeared to be a bottomless box of old felt, nylon net, quilting scraps and various other crafty items, I found a treasure trove of salt and pepper shakers.
The kind that you would get for a vacation memory, or a convention etc....Nothing valuable, just all kitschy and mid century. There was one small red plastic set with a convention date of 1953....
and then there was the 'Handy Hamper'! Listed, are all the marvels of organization you can create with this simple hanger and the 'do it yourself' instruction! I should have these all over my home!The hidden trove of S & P's!!!

And this demonesque duo disguised as Salt and Pepper shaker holders...It could scare small children out of ever going into the kitchen....!

Oh the fun continues.......
Stayed tune for future episodes of 'What Did Pauline Intend With This?'.........

1 comment:

  1. oMG.
    OK, so i seriously do not own a salt and pepper shaker. I know. Soooo....could I maybe have a set??? They all seem amazing!!!!!


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