Monday, September 28, 2009

Parade Protocol

First of all, you should probably get a bit of a nap in after lunch and before the parade at 2:00pm. If you can get one on the porch swing with Mr. Pat, then you're golden.
Make sure you find a grand spot for you, mama, Gracie and Nana. Make it under a tree for shade and by the curb so you don't miss the horses.
Keep your eyes peeled for characters; you just might see the one that you are dressing up like for Halloween this year!!
Some of your friends will be in the parade as well, so look sharp and wave vigorously.
Make sure you pace yourself. That nap can only be good for so much waving and giggling. Have a seat on the blankie that your own daddy had when he was a little boy. Sit facing the street so you don't miss the marching bands. If you sit with folded hands, people are really impressed.
Make sure you ask mama and nana later how those great big men get into those teeny, teeny tiny cars. Wish that you had one like it but settle for your two seater stroller for your trip back to Nana's.
Festival over for another year!

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