Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dinosaur Playdough

Grant came to visit today. His first time as a solo visitor and not officially being babysat. Just for fun.

Grant knows his way around a kitchen so what should our first craft project be? Playdough!
He decided that we should color it yellow, Nana's favorite color.....

But wait a minute! We still have three little bottles of color left. And they do have those cute little pointed caps. And the bottles are tiny, just right for a two year old's hand...
Okay. Let's add some of the red. Grant, when you mix red with yellow, what do you get? Quick answer: Orange! (his daddy asked him last week who the president was, after mama said that she thought he wouldn't quite meet the requirement of kindegarten, provided he was five years old. His answer was an immediate, "Obama". Two years old plus change.

As you can see, we did not stop with the red bottle. We worked our way through till most of the colors were gone except for the pure green on Grant's hand and Nana's arm. (don't ask) As we were off to lunch with our green hands/arms, we proudly announced that we had made Dinosaur playdough.
Grant is pictured here making snakes for his daddy, mama and Gracie......
What a day!
Thank you, Grant......
Here's the recipe we used from online:
4 cups flour
4 cups water
1 cup salt
1/2 cup cream of tartar
4 tbls oil
Mix all together in large saucepan till it heats and starts to get thick. If your lucky, a small child will color it for you at this point. Knead with a little flour if 'needed' *hee hee*....
Knead till smooth. Store in a zip lock bag. Have fun making snakes.


  1. Grant looks so cute in his little button up shirt... all dressed up for Nana's house :)

  2. this is so adorable I can barely stand it! my favorite little boy. :)
    and I agree with Rhiannon, the button up shirt AND the small checkered apron. uh, just priceless.

  3. P.s. I think Grant could be accepted into Purdue.
    haha, but seriously he is going to be such an amazing student!!! he already is!


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