Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting Swan Song

I believe I am done with outdoor house painting.
I'm finishing up painting the trim around my main level windows and around the porch.
These events call for ladders and therein lies the rub.
I have crooked flower beds that butt up to the house.
Very hard for ladders to be level. Or safe.
I am pretty crooked myself lately, having those 'spells' that come with women of a certain age.
So combined, I am an accident waiting to happen every time I haul my huge ladder (not the one pictured!) around the various needy, unlevel locations around my house.
As I wiped my brush for the last time today, I proclaimed to myself, Finished.
No more climbing tall ladders. Especially outside on uneven ground.
An era over.
I've painted a lot of houses, and trim and gutters, so it will seem weird to not automatically assume that I will do it when the need arises, but thus may it ever be.....

And about this ladder. It no longer has it's little shelf that helps keep the ladder open. Very wobbly and very painted on. Can't remember where it came from only that it should have been recycled a LONG time ago.
Can't seem to part with it though.
I remember all the rooms that it helped paint by the memory of all the paint samples covering it.
Kinda like a family history in paint.

It will go back into the garage till the next INDOOR painting project, which knowing me, should probably begin in about a month........

Paint in my veins.......


  1. Confession.
    Not settled with the idea of you getting older.
    I know you are, but I am just not likely to catch up.
    There I have said my peace.
    Apart from that. I love that ladder and always catch glimpses of it with such fond and child like innocent contentment. I think that that should also be in the will to me....let's keep it going!!!

  2. My favorite is the teal paint that seemed to have gotten on EVERYTHING!!! The Charlotte Hornets color... oh my! That paint is still on the dresser I have from the boys room... reminds me "school days" spent painting our bedrooms... and of course the days after my expulsion when I painted my room PURPLE - double OH!!!! Good times... great memories!!!! LOVE that ladder! :)

    Oh yeah... and stay off the damn ladder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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