Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And More Purses!

Baby Girl daughter did part of her part in the Mom's business, by photographing some more of my purses today.

Early tomorrow morning, we return her to Lafayette, so that she can set up her new apartment with her hubby. He returns next week from Brooklyn and she is hoping to have their home set up by the time he returns....

In the meantime, we are having fun, going through her old vanity drawers, finding memories of junior high and high school, finding treasures that can be recycled via Mom's Business and other things that have been 'lost' for some time, like her social security card, managed to come to light.

As I finished another bag today, she began the photographic inventory of some of my creations....And here they are....

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. I wonder if Talented Deb knows just how much talent, potential and opportunity that exists at her art-filled fingertips? One day I hope to order one of your beautiful creations. I think, my dear, you've found your calling.


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