Monday, August 24, 2009

Soule Mama

For many years, I worked in a ministry that dealt with young women in crisis. The crisis would mostly revolve around an unplanned pregnancy and all that goes with that. The goal was to help the young woman to see the value that she is. To empower her to go forward in her situation, to walk beside her and encourage her during the difficult times and rejoice with her in the triumphs. All this is done supernaturally; the author is God.

For many years, I have seen young girls emotionally beat up with no hope for their futures or their children. It truly was an act of God whenever these young women broke through and came to a peace about their situation and understand the incredible strength that was available through God. The transforming power of God is never to be underestimated and His timing is perfect.....

That said, I guess it would be honest to say that I have seen few mommies that really cherish their calling. The goal is to help them to see their children as gifts of God, but it did not come naturally to many of them. I have several young friends that are wonderful, excellent mamas but for the most part, the mamas that I used to see every week, usually saw their children as a means to an end, someone to love them and for the majority, a huge burden.

Imagine my surprise when I entered the blogging world, to find the likes of Amanda Blake Soule and her amazing blog, Soule Mama. I have so enjoyed getting to 'know' her through her daily blogs and books. Amanda and her blogging friends are true renassaince women, with an eye to home; creating and sustaining it.

Visit her blog and step into her world.
See how she creates beauty out of the ordinary and nurtures it in her children as well.
A breath of fresh air and a hope for the future of our children with mamas like her......

Thank you, Amanda!

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