Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tea Time!

Maddox came to visit today.

He will soon be five years old and has been 'allowed' to come to His Debbies for a few years now. Sister Lily has had a bit of a monopoly on visits until she got out numbered by her two brothers. Since Lily is in first grade now, Maddox has complete visitation rights, solo.

So what do you do with a nearly five year old visitor? They have their own ideas that usually revolve around lunch at McDonalds. I don't think it's their favorite, but once a pattern is established, it's hard to veer off. One time, Lily and I stayed home and I made her tacos. She ate three of them and totally amazed Her Jordan and myself. Impressive little appetite.

After lunch, we head back home to do whatever it is that has been on their minds since their last visit. Maddox plunged into my toy cabinet and brought forth all the antiquated toys from my children's playtime years and beyond. I have a 40 year old Fisher Price train that is still a big hit. Maddox pointed out that each of the cars had pictures of the animals that belong in each car. Forty years and this is the first I've heard of it. Learn something new every day....

When I pulled out a vintage Superman Mobile, I saw that eureka look in Maddox's eyes. When I opened my locked china cabinet and produced a very much played with Superman to drive it, I knew he was set for the day.

That is, until he remembered Tea Party Time.

Lest you think it a bit unusual to indulge in the likes of girly tea party, perhaps I should explain how they go with the Mathew's children.


Lots of it and lots of silly giggling with fake British accents.

We talk about the temperature of the tea (always cold), the type it is, (always orange pekoe) and if Jordan is with us, we can carry on for a long time in our psuedo english accents with our pinkies up, till we're all quite goofy. Certainly this would be explained by the sugar rush that we are all dealing with.
Today, I pointed out to Maddox, that perhaps he actually likes a little tea in his sugar and that maybe we should refer to it as a Sugar Party. That maybe we've had too much sugar when you have to chew after taking a sip.

We drank all the tea in our little teapot and ate nearly all the sugar in our wee little sugar bowl and then we were finished.

Another Tea Party for the Memory Keeper and another dee-lightful time for me with the Mathew's children.

Next year, Maddox goes to kindergarten.

Another one gone to the regimen of the school system. Another Mathew's child out of the Debbie Loop till summer.

Thankfully for me, there is another little Mathew's at home waiting for his turn at His Debbies.

Hang on, Little Thirdsie! Your time's a comin'..........

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