Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Purses, purses, purses

I love to make purses. And lately, I've made a lot. Some have been specially requested, some are presents and surprises but all are fun for me. I love the way fabric 'speaks' to me when it knows that it's going to be made into a lovely accessory. I love the personal relationship a woman has with her purse. You just know when it's right. And when I get a chance to become a conduit of that relationship by interpreting fabric to bag, I LOVE it!!

In the midst of my grammying, my most ardent fan, my eldest, has spurred me on more and more into making a 'career' out of my love for creating handbags. The days we have spent together encouraging each other, has been golden. And I thank her for her faith in me that it will go well.....

Here are some of my current 'mama's collection".....

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