Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Moments

They come sparsely, family moments, these days...

But when they come, we grab them and cherish them for all they're worth.

Thus was this weekend with all four kids and one spouse (and, of course, Vivien) came to visit.

The hour and a half that we had together went quickly and planning had to be done so that it was good.

My husband pulled out all the stops and made his famous Italian Beefs for us. Our garden complied so we had tomatoes for his equally famous Tomato/Onion/Cucumber salad. The planets lined up and we all were able to sit down and enjoy a wonderful lunch provided by Dad.

Too quickly, we were all full and things called us to other responsibilities, but the Golden Hour when we can all feast together was a remarkable time.

Family Feasting.....Lovely...

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