Monday, August 10, 2009

Much ado about everything...

Multi tasking is the norm around my life. Always have at least three things going on. Three sewing projects, three books being read, three outdoor projects... Having ADD helps. I am able to get a lot accomplished by having this problem that got me into a lot of trouble as a child.

Today was one of those days....

Organizer Daughter left this weekend and had left me with assignments on my business. One of the tasks to be completed is to go through the spare room closet to make room for my abundance of vintage linens to be sold via a future etsy shop. Sorting through all of my collection was on the list today. And working on a new bag that needs to get finished this week. And picking produce from the garden. And all the errands that come after being out of the loop for two weeks.

So busy, busy was the day but what better time than pouring over wonderful fabrics from the past, wondering who is going to be the recipient of these grand finds, working with fabrics to be made into a useful, fun accessory for a friend and harvesting produce that was started months ago and ready to enjoy.

Good day.

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